Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who started playing in the Argentine team. Growing up in a football-loving family, “Leo” developed his passion for soccer from an early age, playing constantly with his older brothers, Rodrigo and Matías, and his cousins. When he was a child he had growth problems. His small stature and modest height earned him the nickname ‘the flea’, but his reputation as a promising footballer already at an early age meant that he was known for his small size but enormous talent. He wanted to be a footballer and join the Argentine team. He had a talent for playing football that no other player had.
At the age of 9 the dream came true: he joined his favorite team. But he had another dream which was to enter Barcelona and in October 2004, at the age of 17, he made his competitive debut. Barcelona challenged Juve and Real Madrid. Messi’s team was very strong because there were very good players such as Ronaldinho and Suarez and if Messi didn’t score a goal one of them would score it. After sixteen seasons, Lionel Messi challenged Real Madrid again but this time he played in Paris Saint- Germain. He has played against Cristiano Ronaldo, the first time was on November 19, 2005. Messi has never been on the bench. Now, in PSG, Messi plays with Sergio Ramos former real Madrid player. In 2020 he was included in the Stream Team Of Golden Ball of the French Magazine/FRENCH FOOTBALL as the best right winger in football. Up to now Messi has won seven golden balls. Lionel Messi has established records for goals scored. He is one of the best players in soccer.

Messi is also involved in social issues. In 2007 he created the Foundation “Leo Messi” which wants to give medical assistance to poor children. In March 2010 he was appointed UNICEF Ambassador.

Football fans refers to Messi as ’Messiah ‘, a pun that combines the words ‘Messi’ and ‘Messiah’ to underline his god-like ability and skills on the court.

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