Lesson of dreams

I start by saying that I saw this film a couple of days ago in my classroom and I was really satisfied with it, the fact that I saw it in the classroom can also indicate that this film is also positive from an educational point of view as it explicitly explains that we must follow our dreams and even if the following film was released in 2011 I find the theme it talks about very current because all over the world there are people who have dreams and who try to make them come true but often stop at the first obstacle, but I am sure this film could help a lot of these people.

                                                                          SPOILER ALERT

During this text, there are spoilers about this film so if you haven’t seen the film yet you don’t have to continue reading otherwise this text may be annoying for you.

Now let’s talk about the plot, this film is about a German boy who escaped from his homeland shortly before the war by going to England where he studied English and not only because he also learned a splendid sport on this island: Soccer.

Years later he returns to Germany because he has been called to teach English to pupils of a German school but when he arrives there he is not welcomed in a welcoming way because he speaks of England in a splendid way and this is not appreciated by the Germans and they try in every way to hunt him but despite this, he manages to teach English and Fairplay to his students thanks to football. As soon as this is discovered he is hunted, but his pupils who had become fond of them find a way to save football and their teacher by calling the German commission that after attending a football match between the school pupils and another team from an English school, neither are amazed and choose to include this sport as an educational activity, thus making sure that the teacher does not come more kicked out of school and that football became a very famous sport in Germany as well.

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