LEGO: the passion of turning bricks into art

LEGO bricks are everywhere: in amusement parks, on TV or in our homes. You can build whatever you like and there are many exclusive thematic sets you can buy in LEGO shops to make your creations unique.

The Lego Group which invented the popular blocks in 1932 is Danish, but they have built amusement parks all around the world. Dear LEGO lovers, you can go and visit Miniland in Gardaland, a city made of LEGO bricks, open seven days a week. Have you ever been to Legoland? This amazing amusement park is in Germany. Tickets cost € 45.50 and it is open seven days a week. There is also a hotel made entirely of LEGO pieces where you can rest, to get ready for another day at Legoland!

LEGOs can also be found in Disneyland Paris. There is a beautiful LEGO store, a shop where you can buy lots of LEGO toys. The world’s largest LEGO store is located in Leicester Square, London, open from 10:00 to 20:00 every day except Sundays! You can explore 2 floors of LEGO bricks and models, with amazing creations of London sights on display.

What about TV channels? On channel 40 you can watch LEGO Masters, a TV programme set in America: twelve teams with two players each compete to be the best in the country.

I have a true passion for LEGO and in the photo you can see the “sustainable city” I have built for an Erasmus+ school project. Working with LEGO bricks is also a fun way to develop your creativity.

I hope I have caught your attention and that you will be looking for more information. Remember, you may be nine, forty, seventy… LEGO bricks have no age!

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Alberto Alessandro Buscema




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