LYCAON: WHAT GOES AROUND…CAMES AROUND! _ legends from Greek mithology

Hello everyone! After the ‘’FIRST-HAND ZOMBIES” I’m coming again with the story of the first werewolf!We are in Greek mythology and according to the myth, Zeus – kingof heavenand the gods – had come down to Earth to check that people behaved well – almost like childrenwho do not have to make tantrums. Thus it wasthat one day he arrived on an island calledArcadia, that Fate wanted to be ruled by Lycaon, not really a good person: he offered as sacrifices to the gods of people! To better verify Zeus went to the palace of the aforementioned king, and guesswhat he served to the God (disguised as mortal) for dinner? Meat. Human meat. 
Needless to say, Zeus became very, veeeeeryangry when he found out; he even sent a storm of lightning down the palace and cast a curse on Lycaon and his fifty (yes fifty!) children, turning them into wolves!  Our not-so-poor Lycaon found himselfhaving to hunt and live like a wolf for about a decade (some even say a century) …but, in short, he had to aspect it…“if you sow bitter fruit, you certainly cannot reap sweet delicacies”!

At the next article, I hope that you enjoyed it!



Rachele Pontanari in collaboration with Marta Mazzantini


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