King Kong

King kong is a monster with the appearance of a giant gorilla starring in numerous films, originating from the legendary island known as Skull Island. In the original 1933 film, his name is kong: the surname King (king, ruler) achieved in his honor. It is also called the eighth wonder of the world, so much so that one of the titles proposed for the 1933 film was The Eighth Wonder. In the 2005 remake, King kong is defined as the last example of a gigantic private species, known as Megaprimatus Kong, in the Monsterverse and instead the last example of Titanus Kong.

The story of King Kong is based on a book by Arthur Conan Doyle in which a group of explorers finds dinosaurs living on a South American plateau and decides to bring the dinosaurs back to London.

One of the dinosaurs ends up escaping and causing mayhem all over the English city.

The man who translated Doyle’s story to the silver screen was Merian C. Cooper. After his time in the military, he began exploring the world and took time from his adventures to work as a reporter. With his friend Ernest Schoedsack he created videos of the real animals.

Schoedsack and Cooper’s nature movies made them a lot of money and allowed them to financially support more adventures across the globe.

When the pair were first introduced to gorillas, the animals seemed like mythical creatures and

after seeing how massive gorillas are, Cooper knew that his next film was going to include the beast.

Kong was made to be not an entirely evil creature, we see that he is a large animal trapped in a world he doesn’t understand. He acts in rage and fear, but in response to the cruelty inflicted upon him. He is also show to be capable of expressing caring emotions towards Fay Ray.

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