Kevin De Bruyne: the best midfielder of our time

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian footballer who plays in Manchester City and in the Belgian national Team.

Kevin’s interest in English football came naturally because of his family background. His mother, born in Burundi, grew up in London because of her father’s work in the oil industry.

He started his career in Chelsea Club but there things did not go as he hoped and the Chelsea dream ended miserably.

Kevin De Bruyne resurrected his career back in the Bundesliga. Coach Dieter Hecking soon made the midfielder feel special and he returned with countless goals and assists.

Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Bayern Munich all naturally began a bidding war for De Bruyne. A brilliant start for Manchester City soon erased the Chelsea flop image from everyone’s minds.

Today Kevin De Bruyne is considered the best midfielders of his generation. He won a Belgian Championship, a german Cup and a German Super cup, three English Championships, one English Cup and many other prizes.

With the Belgian national team he participated to two World Championships.

Kevin De Bruyne has a total vision of the game, an excellent ball control and passing skills out of the ordinary. He has a powerful and precise shot too.

 His eye for finding the right space is second to none, with just one pass capable of changing the tide of a game.

In 2012 he was included in the list of the best players who were born after 1991. He scored 10 goals in 32 leagues.

He is a player I like so much for his style. He is special because he makes football seem so simple and in my opinion

there is nobody like him in football today.

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