The set of activities aimed at providing and commenting on news, reports, information, through the daily and periodical press; also, the journalist’s profession is journalism.

Many times with the expression Fake news or written with windy information, we mean misleading or distorted news and information, made public with the deliberate intent to misinform or create scandal through the media, or to attract clicks on the Internet.

There may be various tools to disseminate them, in the information society they are conveyed by the mass media, that is, television broadcasters and newspapers. However, with the advent of the Internet, especially with the sharing of social media, the spread of fake news has increased.

Nowadays, with the use of mobile phones, computers, etc. it is very easy to spread false news. The fear of false news is that many times you believe the first news you hear without making sure that it is true.



By Francesca Di Stefano and Ginevra Tomaselli


3E Liceo Classico Castellammare del Golfo
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