The record-breaking vegetable grown in Radda in Chianti weighs 1226 kilograms. In 2021 it was cultivated by a 39-year-old farmer, Stefano Cutrupi, who exceeded the world record held so far by the Belgian Mathias Willemijns by 30 kilos: 1,190.50 kilos against his 1,226 kilos.

If it were all pulp without peel, with this vegetable alone you could cook over 8 thousand portions of risotto. Not to mention the Halloween cookies or other themed recipes.

The official weigh-in took place during the tenth edition of the “Big Pumpkin Festival”, the event dedicated to giant pumpkins organized by the cultural association “Club Lo Zuccone” and which took place in Peccioli, in the province of Pisa.

The cultural association “Club Lo Zuccone” was born in 2011 with the aim of spreading the cultivation of giant vegetables. These particular vegetables are the result of genetic selections made by growers in order to obtain specimens with certain characteristics in terms of size and weight.

“I’m not one who gets excited easily, but this time I couldn’t stand the joy of this success, I have spent 14 years of effort and work – these are the first words of Cutrupi visibly excited by the goal just reached -. This pumpkin, like the others that I brought here, comes from the Fattoria Poggerino in Radda in Chianti where in addition to making good wine, in a small patch of land I carry on this passion. An immense job in a complicated season due to drought but these difficulties have taught me to never give up”.

Tricks were asked on how to grow the heaviest pumpkin in the world, sown in pots on March 20 and grounded on April 26. “There are many factors – said the champion -. A genetic selection is needed, to put the plant in conditions that can grow well, from soil preparation to nutrition. And then the attempt to control the very hot climate with a sun shade and a nebulizer. “.

The three largest pumpkins then left for the European Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, where Cutrupi’s record-breaking pumpkin was then exhibited.

At the “Big Pumpkin Festival” held in Peccioli, in the province of Siena, there was also room for other vegetables in addition to pumpkins. For example, a giant 106.5 kilogram watermelon was weighed. But that’s another record.

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