Italian Hôtellerie services

When we book and stay in a hotel, the key elements for the client’s well-being are certainly the services it offers. 

They have a fundamental role therefore a good hotel must guarantee certain services to customers. One of the most fundamental is certainly cleanliness: a person feels more comfortable in a cleaner environment, especially after the period that has characterized these last years: the pandemic. So, the sterilization of environments has become the main service in hotels.

Another essential service, especially for online and non-online reservations, is the furniture.To attract more customers a good hotel should pay attention to the choice of colors, furniture, style.

Obviously, an important service in hotels, especially 4-5 stars, is catering, which is fundamental for Italian culture, well known for its traditional food that every year charms a lot of tourists.

A classy service offers room service, also facilitated by e-commerce ,as it offers the possibility of ordering in the room directly from your telephone. 

So, if you want to book a hotel, you must consider these three services to get the best possible accommodation, not to mention all the other services that Italian hotels offer.

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Alberto Messina



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