A true friend doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, what you look like, if your house is a mess or if you have family problems. If you ask: “do really exist people like this?” you probably haven’t found it yet, but there are.

When I’m looking for a friend I’m searching for a person whom I can really trust, someone with whom I can speak freely and spend hours together, someone that can protect me if I’m in danger.

The importance of a good friend in our life is like the importance of our heartbeats. Though they are not visible, they silently support your life. A friend is a way to spend time, to reduce stress, to have fun, to be happy.

I’m really lucky to have such a friend. His name is Alessio and me regard him as a same-age brother. When I start talking with him I feel better. Even if he is younger than me, I really admire him. All my hobbies SUCH AS drawing, watch tv series, read comics, basket, and so on are all thanks to him.

So, in conclusion, don’t think that find a true friend is easy but If you find it you won’t regret it.

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Antonio Di Mauro


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