In history, women have always been subordinate to men. The differences between the two genders lead men to prevail over women by occupying a favored position in the society. Women, since ancient times, have been placed in a condition of inferiority.In the past half century, women in terms of social emancipation have made numerous steps forward and have achieved equal rights. Economic, sexual equality, social and professional participation have been achieved. Today there are many laws to guarantee women, but unfortunately they are not enough, some rights are still ignored, especially in the civil and personal sphere. Nowadays we often hear reports of persistent male domination over women. Western women are luckier than Eastern ones who are still far from true emancipation. Unfortunately, even in Italy, women’s liberation is still distant if we consider the private sphere of women, where feminicides often occur because men consider their wives an object to possess.The long journey of women for emancipation made important achievements in the twentieth century but there is still a long way to go. To do this, it is necessary to change habits, customs and attitudes, this process will take a long time to reach its conclusion.

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Alessia Ferrante


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