Do you remember life before COVID-19?

I honestly don’t, and I still don’t believe that we will soon return to live without the thought of infections, masks and social distances.

Finally it seems that a bit of serenity is here.

In Italy the situation is slowly improving and a return to normal is about to occur.

At this point,  don’t you wonder how  life has changed in these two years?

I don’t think my life is the same anymore. 

Usually, in two long years we grow and also create new memories, but what memories have we created in these years? Good memories or bad memories?

Obviously you are all thinking that only bad memories have been created and how not to blame yourself, but are you sure that you have not created good memories?

As soon as you hear about the last two years you think about the lockdown, the closure of schools, the masks and all the bad things that have happened. But why don’t you think about the good things that have happened?

Anyone who thinks there are none is wrong. Staying indoors we found time to do a lot of activities, and have you ever thought that maybe you have spent more time with your family in these two years than in any other? Some good things have happened as well as bad ones. Most of us learned to make use of the technology around us.. ù

Thinking about good things, a lot is happening right now, right? We are regaining   relationships with friends,  outdoor activities, and soon we will take off our masks…. and who knows how many other beautiful things will happen!

I really hope that this return to normal will come soon, so that we will make up for the years we’ve lost.

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Giorgia Napoli


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