Hello, I’m Simone Laudani from class 2 B and yesterday I had the luck to meet a friend of my teacher’s who is a famous Italian referee from Serie A. Since I’m a supporter of football in general, although my favourite team is Juventus, I asked him if I could take the chance to have a chat with him!

He has been very kind to me but unfortunately, I can’t reveal his name. Anyway, I’m pretty happy to be able to publish his answers to me.

How did you get the passion for refereeing football?

The passion for refereeing actually comes from the great passion for football that I had since I was a boy,so it was born out of the love for this sport.

Have you ever felt guilty about having erred in refereeing?

,Absolutely not, because when you start watching the games with the eyes of a referee,you look at the games in a different way.
Do you often have misunderstandings with colleagues on the pitch?

As for misunderstandings with colleagues, it happens as in every aspect of the world of work, obviously sometimes it can ha ppen. In reality, especially now in Serie A, mistakes are corrected with var, so if I make mistakes I’m sorry.

Have you ever been in favor of a team in match?

No,I don’t have any particular preference!

What was the most important game you have refereed?

The most important match that I have refereed,let’s say there is always one that remains in my heart,one is certainly the debut in Serie A that I Played in Bergamo in Atalanta-Sampdoria,perhaps the most important match that I have refereed or at least the one I remember with the most emotions is a Milan-Udinese 3-2,with a goal by Milan Player at the last and the fans screamed,they went crazy,it was a strong emotion.

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