International Mathematical Games Championships are competitions in logic Mathematics aimed mainly at students, organized annually by the Fédération Française des Jeux Mathématiques, and, for the Italian phase, by the PRISTEM center, which is part of the Bocconi University of Milan. They differ from the Olympics of Mathematics and other competitions, such as the Kangourou of mathematics or the Mediterranean Mathematical Games, in the much more logical than mathematical approach to the questions.

The International Mathematical Games Championships are a series of mathematical and logical competitions. These are mainly what could be defined as mathematics “riddles”, often posed to the competitor even in a rather playful form. The questions are generally graded in difficulty according to the class attended. In fact, there are several categories, which we can generally identify as follows:

Registrations are made in January and February of each year (part of the proceeds from registrations is donated to associations and research bodies); the selections take place in one hundred Italian cities on a Saturday in mid-March in which the best 10% of the participants pass, and in May they meet at Bocconi, in Milan, to select the finalists for the world final, which takes place in Paris at the end of August. Thirteen Italians have now won the Paris final.

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Salvatore Giammello-Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino