Inter, proof of overtaking. He wanted it on the table now he has to do it on the field.

It may be the night of the overtaking, it is certainly the night that will give us the true classification: Inter in Bologna, to overtake Milan and cancel the asterisks that have conditioned the championship for 4 months. It is Inter’s last engagement in a triumphant month: 5 games and as many victories, including the derby of the Coppa Italia. It can be the most important one, because it can certify the first place not only virtual and launch the “Nerazzurri” towards the second Scudetto, which would be worth the second star.

It will not be easy, if it will be true Bologna. Orphans of their leader Mihajlovic, the “Redblues” have recently stopped Milan and Juventus, both times away. They have nothing to ask of the championship, but they have to defend the honor that is often worth more than the ranking. And tonight Medel, who has had a day’s disqualification removed, will also be there. The game was supposed to be played on January 6th, but it is only tonight that it will be played, at the end of all possible appeals. Inter, which at the beginning was only worried about avoiding the recovery between the Champions League and the first leg of the Coppa Italia, from one judgment to the next (inspired by who knows who, given the previous judges of last season) had thought about the possibility of dribbling the field, aiming to get the 3 points. This was not the case and therefore it is necessary to play, as sportsmanship requires. Do we want to imagine the controversy that a different decision would have triggered in an environment already deeply poisoned?The most closely fought league in recent years doesn’t want to know about pulling down the shutter. Milan and Inter are still separated by two points, with the Rossoneri ahead in direct clashes: a draw in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo is enough to scream with joy.Uncertainty, which has dominated the entire season, also governs its finale. Another week of tension, passion, excuses and proclamations, and all of Milan ready to experience days of genuine excitement.

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Michele O and Massimo Agugliaro



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