Today I will interview Maga Magó, a freaked witch, I met her at the bar. I recognized her by her gray hair and her colorful clothes.

Me: Good morning Maga Magò! How are you?

Maga Magò: Me? How am I? Don’t tell me you’re a bad clown!

Me: No, Maga Magò, I’m not a bad clown, I’m a serious giornalist! Today I would like to interview you and ask you a little about yourself.

Maga Magò: Oh! Okay … I’ll answer your questions … but only if you say I’m better than that old Merlin!

Me: I’m in! Maga Magò is definitely better than Mago Merlino!

Maga Magò: Hurray! Perfect!

Me: let’s go! Let’s start! How did you feel when Semola walked into the fireplace? What was your first impression?

Maga Magò: Semola…? Are you talking about that yellow bird that flutters in my fireplace? Oh yeah, at first he looked like just a canary and then I realized he was just a poor apprentice of that old Merlin.

Me: I heard you tried to impress Semola by trying to make him understand that you are better than Merlin. How did you try?

Maga Magò: To impress the boy I began with a very big spell, then a very small one, then with a pig face, then a beautiful woman, and then I tried to kill him … But nothing … That boy didn’t understand that I was better than Merlin.

Me: How did you feel when Merlin defeated you in the battle of magic?

Maga Magò: Oh! Don’t talk nonsense! Merlin didn’t defeat me … He was just afraid I could beat him in a better way and then he turned into a stupid germ.

Me: Oh! Funny! Thank you for your time! You are the best witch of all time! Goodbye!

Maga Magò: Goodbye!

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Carlotta Crisafulli


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