“I put my kickboxing gloves on and I fight my insecurities”

Are you timid and fearful? Would you like to overcome your insecurities, improve your self-confidence and grow as a person? Well, kickboxing is the right sport for you.

There are so many aspects of our life we can improve and sport can help us change. Kickboxing is not just hitting the other competitor with hands and feet: it is a way to express who you are, how you feel and a way to reduce stress from your body and your mind. Everyone knows the health benefits of physical activity but kickboxing and martial arts, in general, are more than this. They teach you important values that are helpful throughout your life. Loyalty, for example. It is a value that should be a top priority at school, in friendship, at work but it is often lost these days. It is often said that if we give loyalty, loyalty is what we receive in return.

Another important value is perseverance. The greatest things in life are never rushed. We have to work hard and never give up to achieve our goals and win the challenges of everyday life.

Last but not least the respect for life: a lot of people think kickboxing is a violent sport but it isn’t true. It teaches you self – control, self-respect and respect for others. It helps us protect ourselves and people around us. I saw some people that saved themselves thanks to kickboxing. Self-defense is an important skill to have. It makes you feel brave and improves your self- confidence.

When I saw a kickboxing match for the first time I thought it was boring. Even Annalisa Bucci, my favourite kickboxer didn’t like it before 2006, when her career started. Then I tried kickboxing when I was eleven and I loved it!

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Sofia Toscano


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