The word Shoah is a Hebrew term which literally means “catastrophe”, but what happened between the late thirties and 1945 was more than a catastrophe. This event caused the destruction of more than 6 million innocent people.

 However, we must not forget that the victims of this cruel and insane massacre were not only the Jews; but Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, disabled people and anyone who opposed Nazism were persecuted as well. These murders were carried out in concentration camps where prisoners were selected: only who could make themselves useful by working escaped by the gas chambers, those who, due to age or physical defects, did not work, were brutally deprived of their lives and their  bodies were piled, with no respect and without a minimum of punishment, in mass graves.

It is creepy to think that men have planned in a such brutal way to destroy other men.

 We have to forget about races, colors, sexual orientation, origin, religion …

 Let’s forget all the differences

 But we must remember the victims of the Shoah.

 Certain things cannot be overlooked.


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Federica Opretti


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