I can’t wait for the state of emergency to end

I can’t wait for the state of emergency to end to finally return to our normal life. Now I don’t even remember what my life was like before Covid. We are so used to these masks and the spacing that we have forgotten what life was like without all of this. We don’t even know what our faces are underneath the masks and we have almost forgotten how to give a hug or a simple handshake. As soon as everything ends and we find ourselves without any kind of mask we will surely feel different. Even just having a mask on your face has now become a form of protection. Without we feel like the feeling that we are missing something.

Even just being able to stay less than a meter away seems strange to us.

Surely we will not mind but rightly it will take us a while to get used to it, to go back to hugging us, to celebrate our birthdays in the company, go out with our friends, go back to school trips altogether and many other things that we haven’t had for two years more.

 I don’t know if I’m totally ready but I look forward to getting back to normal!

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Agata Scrofani


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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