Horse – riding: more than a sport

Sport plays an important role in the life of young people: Thanks to it, you can make new friends, grow up and try new sensations and emotions. Sport is also an important activity for our body, mind and spirit: it keeps us healthy and if we feel under pressure or stressed, physical exercise helps us lower tension and anxiety. I like sports very much but my favourite sport is horse – riding.

Three years ago I went swimming and I was good at it, but riding a horse is different: I love spending my free time outside in contact with nature because it makes me feel good and happy and I forget the rest of the world.

I’ve been riding for a month in San Nicola Farmhouse in Contura, a little village near Santa Teresa. I ride a 14 hands pony. Her name is Birba. She’s brown with a big thick black mane. Ponies are best suited for young people. They are smaller and easier to ride, but also stubborn like me and require you to be resolute and strong.

Horse – riding is extremely educational and it’s very funny too.

This month I’ve learned how to approach and handle my pony and how to respect her. I like taking care of Birba: I feed her and brush her. I have a good feeling with my horse. I always pet Birba and give her some sugar when she is good. Also I’ve made a lot of friends, all people that share this very strong passion. Horse-riding is a very good way to socialize, to learn to listen, to observe the rules and above all to respect animals giving them the love and the care they need. My pony Birba is now my best friend. There is empathy between us: I “talk” to her and we understand each other. Riding Birba makes me feel free. I love it!!!

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