In England the football was rehabilitated in 1.617 by Giacomo Stuart; the game with the ball is starting to be practiced again, specially by the young people of the university, were the classes compete against each other.
They were mode up of 10 pupils and to these the GoldKeeper was added. Here were born the first written rules of a game called “dribbling game” , ancestor of both football and rugby, which saw two teams of 11 or 22 players face of, which were involved both the use of hands and feet.
Even in 1.820 there was still confusion between one type of game and another, the evident differences of which originated the birth of Rugby Union. A first attempt at unification cone with the 14 rules, when players from different institutions gathered at Trinity College to draw up a first draft of the rules for the game of football.

In 1.857 the world’s first football club was founded: Sheffield football club played its first game at Parkfield House, and in 1.858 the Sheffield rules were written.

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