Happy birthday to Unicef !!!

Today, December 11th, Unicef is 75.

Unicef ( United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, now UN Children fund) is an agency of UN that wants to protect children of the world. It was born in 1946, after the Second World War, to help children that after the war lived in very bad conditions.

In 1953, it becomes an organization whose aim is to create a better world for children, giving them the help they need and protecting their rights.

Unicef works so that all children can go to school, have food, clean water, medicines and live free their childhood.

Many people believe that being a child means being happy and carefree but it isn’t true. In our country and overall in many countries in Africa and in the countries where there are wars, children live in desperate conditions

In 1965, Unicef was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace thanks to the Convention on the Rights of the Children that includes all the rules every State has to respect to protect children.

Unicef logo is really meaningful: : there is a woman with a baby in her arms and in the background there is the globe with two olive branches, symbol of peace.

The Executive Director of Unicef is Henrietta H. Fore chosen directly by the UN Secretary – General. Unicef is financed by UN member States, by private citizens and by other international organizations that buy food, medicines, hospital equipment and contribute to school projects.

Italy, through volunteers, contributes to raising funds to support UNICEF projects, to inform and raise awareness of the needs and rights of children in our country.

In Italy, Unicef is led by Carmela Pace. She was born in Sicily. She was elected in 2020, so she had to face all the problems connected to the Pandemic that caused so much damage and serious consequences for people and for children too.

I wish all UNICEF volunteers great strength to continue their difficult but very important work because there is still so much to do, even here in Italy, where more than a million children live in absolute poverty.

I hope that one day all the children of the world will be able to live their childhood happily and become good and generous people because this is what we need.

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Sara Miceli


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