All Peruvian ceremonies are accompanied by large banquets, a practice that appears to have a long tradition in indigenous and Spanish cultures.

Typical indigenous celebrations, such as the Inti Raymi (summer solstice), are accompanied by a great roasting of meats (such as llama, Indian pig, pork and lamb) and the ritual drinking of chicha de jora (corn beer ). During the  weddings the rite of the Andean ceremony, for some, is considered more important than the religious ceremony. An older person begins to read and remembers the responsibilities that the couple assumes by joining in marriage. The spouses exchange their promises and immediately after the wedding, they are blessed by the elders.

After the ceremony follows a great party, enlivened by traditional songs on the notes of which, in Quechua (the official language, after the Spanish one), the bride and groom dance and sing. We find a Peruvian tradition in the wedding cake, in which, in the last layers, ribbons are inserted that come out, a ring is tied to only one of these. Before cutting the cake, all single women choose a ribbon and pull it, the one who finds the one with the ring will be the next to get married. And then there is its regional cuisine that proudly displays the dishes of the forest, as the locals call it: tacacho con cesina (fried banana with dried meat), juanes (rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaves), the amazon chorizo , patarashca (fish wrapped in leaves and cooked on the grill), incicapi (soup made with ground peanuts, corn and yucca with chicken) and timbuche (broth known as “levantamuertos” made with fish and beaten egg). But it certainly does not end here, the markets of Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon forest, seem to belong to a parallel reality made up of strong customs and rooted in a popular fabric that descends directly from the so-called natives. An advice: if you want to meet them you must have the courage to go into the impervious forest and the suggestion is to do it with a very expert person.

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