Teranga is real attention, it is respect, courtesy, joy and it also signifies the pleasure of receiving a guest in one’s own home.

The person arriving in Senegal is welcomed into the host’s home and is treated with the utmost respect.

However, Teranga is also a choice made by the person who goes to Senegal; they  share not only space but also time and conviviality, immersing themselves in the most authentic reality of Senegal by sharing  food on a single plate, from which to take food collectively, eating sitting on the floor and with one’s hands, Although the inconveniences  it allows to estabilish relationships that are certainly closer than those to which one is generally accustomed

Senegal is all this, and therefore promises an approach that relies on an inner wealth, that of opening up to the outside world with daily rituals and actions based precisely on values such as welcome, sharing and genuine, simple and direct hospitality.

For every ceremony it’s used to wear the “Boubou”, a typical colored cloth like for wedding which last from two to seven days.

This is the destination of many tourists who love their welcome and share their traditions.

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