Did you know that the Finns are the biggest drinkers of coffee and milk?

They consume no less than 12 kg of coffee a year, and despite 17% of the inhabitants being lactose-tolerant, they remain the largest milk drinker in the world!   People drink at least 1 litre of milk a day and it is also drunk for lunch

  In the sports sector, there is a rather unique discipline called Hobbyhorsing; it is a fairly recent discipline, born for very young girls, which includes trails with obstacle jumps, choreography and dressage, but … without a horse. Because the horse is fake, so much so that many “steeds” are made by hand. Every year hundreds of girls participate in competitions in which the style, posture and execution of the various tests are evaluated, and there is also a 2017 film called Hobbyhorse Revolution that talks about this phenomenon.                                                               At school the students practice ice skating  instead of physical education. Not only skating, but also various bizarre indoor competitions, one of which is called”Carrying the Wife“. It is an obstacle race, in which the husband runs with his wife in his arms. the prize for the winner is the weight of the wife in litres of beer.                                                                                                                                            Another particular custom concerns children; it seems that they sleep in a cardboard box; äitiyspakkaus  is the maternity package, that is a cardboard box that arrives free to expectant mothers and contains everything necessary for the first months of a newborn’s life, including the cradle. Yes, because the cardboard box is large enough to be used as a first bed.

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