Green Book is a 2018 film winner of 3 Oscars 2019 as best film of the year. It is directed by Peter Farrely and stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. It is set in sixties America and tells the story of the friendship between an Italian American bouncer and an African American pianist (it is inspired by the true story of Don Shirley and Tony Lip)


1962: After a nightclub in New York is temporarily closed for renovation, club bouncer Tony Lip must find a job to support his family. He thus agrees to work for the African American pianist Don Shirley, acting as his driver and handyman on a tour in the southern United States, where the racial segregation of blacks is still in force.


It is a practice that consists in the restriction of civil rights on a racist basis, characterized by the separation of people in daily life with consequences on various activities (eating in a restaurant, for example). It can be established by law or derive from social habits in a climate of hatred that can turn into lynching.

Institutionalized racial segregation ended as an official practice thanks to civil rights activists such as Clarence Mitchell, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Nowdays racism is in sharp decline in most metropolitan areas of the United States. The 44th President of the USA Barrack Obama is the emblem of the conquest over racism.



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