Great Britain in cinema

Britain has always been a natural location for the cinema industry, thanks to its beautiful landscapes and cities.

After the first screenings in 1986, film production quickly spread throughout England.

In the beginning, English films were based on simple, real and current subjects. The first British films became famous for special effects.

First film producers were: Cecil Hepworth, George Albert Smith and James Williamson.

Over time, English cinema became more and more famous and known around the world.

Here are some of British films with their locations.

James Bond movies

The locations of the James Bond films are a lot. The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu (in New Forest National Park) is not a location in the film series, but it has one of the largest collections of Bondian vehicles in the world, which also includes the legendary Lotus Esprit submarine car used in the film “The Spy Who Loved Me “.

In London you can visit the headquarters of the MI6 secret service which appears in both “Golden Eye” and “The World is Non Enough”. If you want to experience a thrill ride, in true James Bond style, take a high-speed boat trip with London Rib Voyages. In “Specter” some of the most symbolic places of the British capital are taken up, such as the London Eye and Camden Lock, a district famous for its markets and its alternative music scene.

Also in “Specter” makes its appearance the spectacular Blenheim Palace, a historic building located in Oxfordshire and which, in addition to the acting of Daniel Craig, also saw the birth of Winston Churchill.


It tells the story of the beloved bear from Peru who moved to London to live with the Brown family.

The scenes of the film are shot in Paddington Station where the bear is found, in the famous Hampton Court maze, in Portobello Road where the antique shop is located and in Buckingham Palace where Paddington goes to see the Changing of the Guard.

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