GRANITA: a speciality of Messina

“Menza ca panna” is the brand that connotes the controlled denomination origin of the Messina granita.

“A granita ca brioscia” represents the typical Sicilian breakfast, especially in summer and in coastal areas.

Technically it is a cold spoon dessert, typical of Sicilian cuisine but very famous in Messina and its surroundings. It is a semi-frozen liquid compound prepared with water, sugar and a fruit juice or other ingredient (in addition to fruit, coffee, almond and pistachio are more common).

On hot summer days, granita is a real “panacea”, especially for breakfast, but it can be eaten throughout the day or as a refreshing afternoon snack, accompanied by a soft brioche “col tuppo”.

In 2016 the Messina granita obtained the De.Co. (Municipal Name) following the approval of the regulation for the establishment of the trademark by the municipal council of Messina. Through this recognition, the granita enhances “the typical local production linked to the history, traditions and culture of the municipal area, as a means of promoting the image of the territory and the city”.

The invention of granita dates back to the period of Arab domination. Sherbet or sharbat was an iced drink typical of the Middle East flavored with rose petals and lemon or orange juice. During the Middle Ages on the Madonie, on the Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains and on Etna a very curious profession spread, that of the “nivaroli”, who in winter went to collect snow and all year they took care of conserving it in order to use it in the warm months. The snow was stored in special “niviere”, holes finished with bricks or stones, which served as a freezer. In the Madonie and Etna area between 1300 and 1900 meters above sea level, there are still some “niviere”, evidence of how ice creams and slushes were made in the past.

Its consumption, its popularity and its goodness have made it a typical product throughout Sicily, but especially in the province of Messina, so that those who come to visit these areas cannot fail to taste this goodness. Taste it to believe.

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