Today we’re  talking  about  globalization,  a phenomenon  that unites human communities, thanks to telecommunications, migratory flows and the exchange of information, money and goods.

What are the dimensions of globalisation?

You can identify various “dimensions” in which globalization occurs: economic globalization, an aspect by which all economies are closely linked to each other and when one collapses, consequently, all the others are in danger or may even collapse also (domino effect). A world financial market was then created, which favors the free movement of capital. Another aspect of economic globalization is delocalization, that is, the movement of entire sectors to geographical areas where production costs are lower.

 Another dimension of globalization is the technological one: in fact, in the last decade, global networks have developed that allow us to get in touch with places and people from all over the world. This, in my opinion, is one of the most positive aspects, because it makes life easier for us, even for us kids.

Then there are the cultural and demographic globalization, that is, also due to migratory flows:  no population has a real cultural identity anymore, but it is the set of many different ethnic groups. This is the reason why there are some  Countries in the world where living conditions are not entirely favorable, but the richer states should help them to get out of this situation.

Finally, there is political globalization, which has led to the formation of new balances between States, but this does not mean that conflicts between different countries have decreased, on the contrary, local tensions, civil wars and ethnic clashes have increased.

However, you cannot say that globalization affects the whole world, but only a part of it, the richest and most advanced Countries and inequality between the two parts still exist. We are more united if we consider, instead, that ideas and information circulate more easily and there is more availability of goods and products; moreover, we are more sensitive to problems and situations far from us and we have a greater sense of responsibility as we feel more “citizens of the world”.

I can say that globalization is a set of positive and negative aspects, and while on the one hand it has caused and worsen the differences between the rich and the poor world, it has brought important innovations that have made our life easier.

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