Did  you know that George Washington is the only USA president to have a state name for him? And that he was the only president not to live in the White House? And that he wrote about 20,000 letters in his lifetime and that he loved dogs?

It’s very funny to know these funny things about him , but let’s read about his interesting life!  He was born in Bridges Creek on February 22, 1732 . His father was a landowner and a planter in the British-ruled colony of Virginia but he died when George was only 11 years old. It was, therefore, his mother Mary Ball and his brother Lawrence who provided for his education. He was educated in basic subjects, such as  reading, writing, mathematics; however,  not much else is known about his childhood! He immediately proved to be very inclined towards scientific subjects, which probably prompted him to undertake studies as a surveyor-land surveyor.

During his 20s he fought as a soldier in the Britain’s fight with France over Ohio river Valley; after the war he returned to Virginia to work as a farmer. When he was 26 he was elected in the colonial legislature, he got married and he went  to live in Mont Vernon. After the proclamation of the Declaration of independence in July 1776, Washington was selected  to lead the army to oppose the British in the revolutionary war against the British raged,  for five years. When the British finally surrendered Washington was considered the revolutionary hero who helped the 13 colonies finally gain independence from Great Britain.

After the war he retired . According to the federal system of government  each state choses representatives to elect the president , so  Washington won the vote and he became the first American president. As the first president he established the rules  of the nation, he established basic government services, he worked to keep the Country out of wars, he was the example for other presidents. He is now considered one of the Nation’s founding fathers!

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