Future plans

Once to the question “What job are you going to do when you finish school?” the children replied “I want to be a teacher!” “I’d like to be a mechanic” “I’m going to be a hairdresser” or I haven’t got a clue”
Unlike other children, I always answered “I’m going to be a surgeon!” Someone said it was a strange profession, and at first he seemed disgusted with this job, but I was happy and I wanted to do it.
Although over time I obviously have thought about other possible jobs, that profession has always been in my mind and in my hearth. I was fascinated by just the idea of ​​being able to save lives and reassure fearful families after a car crash or other tragic events.
I imagined my future with a scalpel in my hand and a mask so when I played with dolls I used tweezers and a real surgical mask that was given to me.
When I was only 7 I had to go to the hospital and despite the fear I was happy to be in that place.
An earring pin was stuck in my earlobe. At first, my parents and I went to a room where six somewhat incompetent trainees tried to remove it, but they failed. After an immense pain we went to the surgical floor where a doctor removed it immediately without any problem. I wanted to be like him, so good and at the same time so calm and I still want to be a surgeon today.
In this job I think it is very important to know English well in order to travel and meet new realities, new experiences new people, and maybe, who knows, when I finish school here in Italy I could take a postgraduate course abroad, and learn about new advanced techniques in surgery.
Nobody knows what will happen in the future, if my dreams will come true or I’ll take another path, but I’m sure I will continue to believe it until the end.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


II B – Furci Siculo


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