A newspaper is a printed publication on paper that provides information and opinions about current events and news. Newspapers use photographs to illustrate the stories; and they often include comic strips and other entertainment, such as crosswords and sudoku puzzles. The newspaper has been the most important means of communication since the 17th century. But nowadays, information channels have evolved and advanced technology has perfected the means of communication making them faster and more comprehensive: in real time you can receive news from all parts of the world and in many ways you can even interact with the sources. On the other hand, news is sought directly and promptly on the web, by passing printed newspapers, which inevitably arrive later. In fact, any piece of news ends up on the web after just a few minutes, while to read it in print, you have to wait until at least the next morning, go to the newsagent, buy a newspaper and leaf through it until you find the news that interests you. In addition, social networks play a key role in spreading the news globally in record time. It is not only journalism that is affected. Bookshops are also literally disappearing. Books of all kinds are moving from printed paper to e-book formats. A survey showed that almost all of the people surveyed, when reading the same news in both print and digital media, preferred digital.

This is certainly true for a large proportion of readers, young and old, but it is also true that the newspaper continues to have its appeal. Even though times are changing, technology is making great strides, and inevitably people’s habits are changing, publishing struggles between those who find digitalisation positive and those who cannot abandon printed paper. As for me, as a 17-year-old, I am a child of technology and prefer it on the whole, but despite this I enjoy reading on paper, which allows me to take notes, jot down thoughts and, after all, to relax.

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Manguerra Denise



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