Hi guys, today I want to talk about fitness and health. I think that sport is very important! I practice many sports and I want to share my opinion about it with you.

Sport is important since childhood

Physical education and sports have an educational impact.

Changes can be seen in motor skills development and body performance.

Sport has an educational potential. This can be seen in the positive relationship and psychosocial development between people involved.

During recent decades, there has been a progressive decline in the level of physical activity in people’s daily lives, above all in developed countries.

The majority of people are involved more in their work, in domestic chores, in travels and leisure. Many teenagers prefer staying hours and hours watching videos or listening to music on their phones, instead of going out and practice any sport.

Specific health risks differ between countries and regions, but everyone should know that physical inactivity is a major risk factor for most common diseases. Only physical activity can counteract many of the bad effects of inactivity.

In 2002, the World Health organization deemed ‘Physical Activity’ the theme of World Health Day. Since that time, 6th  April is celebrated as the World Day for Physical Activity.

This is an excellent example of a global initiative that aims to propose health through physical activity across population.

I personally do a lot of physical activity. When I practice it, I get in a good mood!

My advice is to program your workout, so you don’t get tired but you always stay fit and healthy!

I hope this is text was useful to you and encourage you to do physical activity.

I want to share this video for your workout at home! Gyms closed because of Covid-19, but we can train anyway! Just watch it, practice it and you will get better.

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