Finger Down for the war

Hi, I’m Simone, today I want to talk to you about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Today, March 29, 2022, is the 34th day of the war.

The causes of war can be many: religious, economic, political, military, territorial. War, like that between Russia and Ukraine, brings death, poverty, destruction, destruction of feelings, such as happiness or freedom, and destruction of cities by bombing.

I think that war is the ugliest thing that can be in the civilized world of our days. With all the wealth there is, war is one of the most senseless acts that mankind can do.

I also think that war is an abomination and that there should be no longer anyone going hungry or losing their family to war. We must also consider the refugees who fled Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Poland is the country that has welcomed the largest number of refugees.

Hundreds of thousands of people have also found shelter in Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova.

In conclusion, I believe that war is a thing that destroys both the world and humanity, so it should not be practiced.

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Simone Laudani


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