Ferruccio Lamborghini

He was born in Renazzo, in the province of Ferrara, on April 28, 1916. The first of five brothers, he grew up on the family farm where his father tried to pass on to him the link with working in the fields and with the agrarian and peasant culture of the time. But Ferruccio is animated by a completely different passion, that for engines and machines. After elementary school, he attended the ‘Fratelli Taddia’ vocational training institute, which has always been a breeding ground for entrepreneurs from Cento; obtained the license and against the advice of his father – who wanted him to take over the management of the farm – he decides to go to work as an apprentice to a blacksmith in the area, where he learns the secrets of iron working . With the determination and tenacity that distinguished him from a very young age, he managed to get hired in Bologna by Cavalier Righi, owner of the most important workshop in the city who at that moment was contracting the revision of the Army vehicles: this period, albeit short, it will remain fundamental to Ferruccio’s experience and competence. After the Bolognese adventure, at 18 he opened a shop in Renazzo together with his longtime friend – Marino Filippini – who had already shared with him the experience of Cavalier Righi and who many years later became an employee of the Ferruccio factories. Always animated by passion and audacity, when he can Ferruccio buys used cars and motorcycles that he refurbishes and with which he can be seen darting along the dirt roads of the countryside: these are carefree and intense years, which leave an indelible mark on his nature. He died at the age of 76 due to a heart attack. The idea of producing sports cars came to him after a discussion with Enzo Ferrari. In 2014 his son founded the Lamborghini museum in the province of Bologna .

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