Fashion Capitals

A fashion capital is a city that has a great influence on the world of fashion. In this city there are important fashion brands production houses and shops, fashion weeks events, exhibitions and trade fair connected to the world of fashion. The four most famous fashion capitals are: London, Paris, New York and Milan.

Many fashion designers from London, like Alexander Mc Queen or Sir Paul Smith, are fashion icons. In London there are fashion college attended by students from around the world. Creativity, innovation and technology make London a leading city in the fashion industry.

Paris with its boutiques, fashion schools, museums and fashion shows is the first fashion capital of the world. France has always been important in the world of fashion. The term “haute couture” originated in France and everyone knows Coco Chanel a revolutionary designer who wanted to free women from corsets and lace frills and let them move and breathe in her clothes.

In the 19th century some famous department stores (Tiffany and Co, Lord and Taylor) opened in New York and set up their factories. Since then New York’s Seventh Avenue became synonymous with fashion.

Since 2009, Milan has been considered a very important fashion capital. Milan hosts a famous international fashion week with fashion shows of the greatest designers and an incredible number of events. Milan also celebrates the videos created by popular fashion houses in a dedicated festival. During the Fashion Film festival, one of the last events of the busy calendar of women’s fashion week, hundreds of film compete. Some judges and the online public decide the winners, selecting the most exiting and engaging artistic expressions.

In “Via Monte Napoleone” , “Via Alessandro Manzoni”, “Via della Spiga” and “Corso Venezia”, Milan hosts a lot of boutiques – selling jewelry, decor, and of course, the most sought-out fashion labels.

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