Little girl in hospital, traces of cocaine were found

The Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) is the leading news service in Italy. ANSA is a non-profit organization that has thirty six members. This organization is also one of the leading news organizations in Italy. Its mission is to distribute fair and objective news reports. It was founded in Rome during 1945. The ANSA has twenty two offices in Italy and eighty-one offices can be found in other countries around the world. It also broadcasts national and local news reports. Not only does this organization have news reports in Italian, it also includes news reports in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and arabic. The news that most caught my attention concerns a six-month-old baby girl, who positive for having cocaine in her system. She has been hospitalized since the beginning of May at the Padua hospital. At the hospital, they found out that she has cerebral hemorrhage. The parents were heard on the case because among the hypotheses taken into consideration by the Carabinieri.  There is also the one that the little girl has suffered possible neglect by her parent. The child, as reported by local newspapers, had been urgently transferred from the hospital in Chioggia on 9 May. Two days before she was admitted to the hospital, she had been there two days earlier because of sickness and vomiting. The trauma to the body that was found also has been noted. What we want to clarify now is whether or not the baby was a victim of Shaken Baby syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome is the violent and continuous shaking that is most frequently caused by child neglect. The Venice Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file without the hypothesis of a crime and without suspects. The cocaine was found traced through the hair of the girl. The cocaine would not have been ingested but according to the investigations, it was absorbed by proximity. The conditions of the child has improved in recent days.

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Anna Raspante