Enola Holmes

A couple of days ago I saw the Netflix original movie “Enola Holmes”. This film could be defined as a thriller, in which the air of adventure never fails.

Enola’s surname suggests kinship with the famous Sherlock Holmes, the best detective in England, and with the equally intelligent Mycroft, the laziest but protector older brother of the three.

The main actors of the film are: Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill, who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes, Sam Claflin, who plays the role of the older brother Mycroft and Louis Partridge, who plays the role of Tewkesbury , Enola’s companion on her adventures.

The plot of the film is very compelling. Only by reading it makes you already feel part of the mystery that Enola will have to discover. In short, Enola was always told to manage alone in life, even if her mother never abandoned her for a moment. Enola is a real woman of tomorrow, who grew up only within the walls of Fernandel Hall and her mother Eudoria and Mrs. Lane, the maid.

Everything changes on her sixteenth birthday, when Eudoria mysteriously disappears, leaving Enola a gift “to use wisely”, allowing her to cross paths with her two brilliant brothers again and live her first and great adventure far from the safe home. .

The actors are all great! I was very impressed with Millie Bobby Brown, famous enough for having starred in many other films but above all for having starred in the original Netflix series “Stranger Things”. In this case, the actress managed to sew on herself the character of Enola and played it really well.

I liked the film very much from every point of view. I doubt there will be a sequel to this film, but if there is, I’ll watch it for sure!

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Giorgia Napoli


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