End of emergency

We have been living with this covid-19 for almost three years now, but luckily in May there will be the “end of the state of emergency”. After three years that we have spent living with this fear and these masks, it seems almost strange to think about normality.

When in March 2020 they warned that the school would be closed in the beginning I was happy, as I think many but then the days continued to extend until we reached the DAD (distance learning) where we studied for the whole school year; luckily in 2021 things have improved a little, albeit not by much, but we haven’t been in DAD all the time. I think we all can’t wait for this covid-12 to end and we can finally get back to normal because everyone is missing it, I don’t think there are people who will miss these years spent like this.

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Frida Milazzo


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