End of Covid?

Finally the Covid emergency is about to end and we could return to normal life. It all started in October 2019 in China where a new disease had broken out, slowly spread to Northern Italy and then was transmitted by Nordic fugitives also to the South. many people did not believe in this “covid-19” but every day more than 20,000 innocent people died who maybe just wanted to bring bread to their families because of the economic crisis that the covid had brought. All the students were connected online and followed the lessons across different platforms, on the one hand it was fun but on the one hand it was just antisociality. It was said that in the Summer the covid would disappear but it was not exactly like that because it loosened and in September everyone closed again at home. month a decree was issued which constituted restrictions or freedoms. Finally they found the vaccine for the covid but rightly not everyone agreed and when to enter the shops or any other place the greenpass was required, that is the administration booklet, the NOVAX or they used the fake ones or they stayed at home. Children under the age of twelve were not forced to be vaccinated and in fact, as soon as I turned twelve I had the pfizer administered.Now that the Covid 19 emergency (coronavirus) is about to end, I realize that I have not done what I wanted by being playing with my friends rather than growing up very quickly, but I also realize that they were moments of fear where the only phrase we had in our heads and we repeated was “EVERYTHING WILL BE OK” even if without any hope we hung banners with this phrase and singing we hoped that everything could have an end.

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Rachele D’Agostino


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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