End of a nightmare

Two years ago, in January 2020, the state of emergency due to Covid 19 was declared and in March of the same year Italy entered lockdown.
Until today we have spent heavy days because of the restrictions imposed by the state such as always keep the mask, wash your hands well, keep more than a meter away from other people…
But the thing that saddened me the most was the lockdown that forbade us to leave our homes and see our loved ones.
Since April 1, the state of emergency is over, the measures are less restrictive, stop the green pass and masks: we are returning to normal life.
During the quarantine period we felt lonely and bored but, even if physically distant, thanks to social networks and the internet we managed to stay in touch with friends and relatives. If we want to find something good in the lockdown, we have been able to discover hobbies and interests that we never had before.
For sure the first thing I will do is go to the Allianz Stadium in Turin to see Juventus playing, but also go on a cruise to visit new places.
This pandemic has made me understand many things: how important the value of life is, of a hug, of a handshake, but above all how important it is to love each other.

I can’t wait to get back to freedom and to wake up one day and realize that everything is over.

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Marta Noto


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