… ‘For me it is one of the principles of life. Just when I think I’ve gone as far as possible, I find that I can go even further. You think you have a limit, so you try to touch that limit.’

This is part of an interview made to Ayrton Senna, before he died.

He was a very famous Formula One racing driver, three times world champion. The driver was born in São Paulo in 1960 and became champion in 1988, 1990, 1991, and did 65 pole positions. He entered Formula 1 in 1984 with Toleman, then began to become a legend with Maclaren with whom he won his three world championships.

He was a teammate with Alain Prost, Senna’s great rival, and their rivalry skyrocketed when in the last race of the world championship they had an accident and Alain retired while Senna started again by cutting the curve when Alan saw that Senna cut the curve went to the captain of the FIA.

Senna won the race and was disqualified plus a fine and a six-month suspension. Senna returned stronger and motivated in fact won two world championships in a row, then in 1994 he joined Williams with whom he retired in the first four races, and then at Imola in the tambourine bend he was in the lead but broke the steering column and went against the barriers. 

A suspension tube entered the visor of the helmet and entered the eye. On this occasion, Ayrton Senna became legend.



Nicholas Pulvirenti


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