Domenico Quaceci: a talented pianist

In class, on December 20 we interviewed the pianist Domenico Quaceci from Misterbianco. The previous days we got ready trying to understand his musical style and listening to some of his songs from his latest album entitled “Like an Ocean”.

During the interview we asked him some questions, and from the answers he gave us, we understood that his parents have always supported his choice, as he had the opportunity to train artistically at the conservatory V. Bellini in Catania. Domenico Quaceci confided to us that in truth it was the piano to choose him and not the other way around. Even if you think it is strange that a teenage boy who lived between classical and rock music could have chosen classical music, in truth it is not so. Domenico has never had to choose between the two musical genres, and even if he is known for classical music, he has never created a gap between the two genres; in fact, he still continues to cultivate his passion for rock. His compositions are born from whatever, after having focused on what he wants to deal with in his composition he starts working on the song: so his work is a very rational work, from a personal inspiration then he gets to the application of it; when he plays one of his songs he tries to convey the feelings and the atmosphere of the song in question, and he said that among all his compositions there is not one that represents him more than another, since in each of his songs there is a price of himself.

Domenico has openly expressed that he prefers to play as a soloist for several reasons including freedom and being able to better express himself and his thoughts. He confessed that there is not only one musician who inspires him, but different, starting from Mozart up to Achille Lauro, and that if he could collaborate in the work together with a musician, this would definitely be Cesare Cremonini, a singer he admires a lot and with whom he thinks he could get along well. Music is opening many work opportunities for him. He is already starting a new album trying to put together all the ideas and starting to write some songs. The pianist said that he personally hopes that somehow his music can involve the younger generation, because although it is classical music, it is very close to pop music and therefore it is not difficult for them to get passionate about it, and if this happens it makes him very happy and proud.          

At the end of the interview the artist Domenico Quaceci revealed the most sentimental part of himself by saying that music is his world, his reality in which he is always discovering something new, and this leads him to never get bored; moreover he lives music not only as a form of art, but also as a form of communication, for this reason it is not him who chooses what people feel when they listen to him.  

We are sure that Domenico Quaceci will give us many satisfactions and we can’t wait for his new album to be released so that we can listen to it and feel the new sensations it will give us.

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