Living  with a dog is one of the most beautiful experience in our life. It is a special relationship, difficult to describe. Our four-legged friend taches us love , patience, forgiveness. He loves you and  you are important to him. He makes us feel good, happy and he makes us smile again, even if we are sad. Having a dog means having a great responsibility, too. When your dog dies, he leaves an empty and profound  space in your life. In Piazza Armerina, Tigro, a half-breed dog, was adopted by the whole town.

In the second half of April a dog, Tigro, was found dead in Piazza Armerina . This dog was adopted by the whole community, he was everyone’s dog. The dog was wondering for about ten years around the centre in Piazza Armerina ; he was found dead in the centre of the town after days of research . After his death , the whole community considered him an illustrious citizen of Piazza Armerina and an initiative was launched to erect  monument there. “He was really part of the community”: he opened the processions, he participated in the Palio dei Normanni, he entered the beautiful cathedral, he stood in the square and everybody loved him. Whatever the cause of the death , everyone is sad in  the whole community. He lived among people and with the affection of all villagers. This dog is  a good example that teaches us how to respect dogs, our faithful friends!

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Antonio Maria Catanzaro- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino