After the success of “Collegio”, Rai 2 tries again with “La Caserma”, a docu reality in which 21 boys are called to face military discipline for 4 weeks.  Through “collegio” the success of this programme can be perceived; it is much appreciated by viewers, curious to see how peers live life in the past  and how they react. Unlike the College, which has always been frequented by young unknowns who held out the hope of becoming influencers once they left the programme, in the Barracks it is the opposite. The participants are, in fact, already known to the public of social networks such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, but their work is almost a mystery, told only by films and television shows. In contrast, the background of the College is the school, familiar to everyone. 
In ‘the Barracks’, it is a little more difficult to get into the system. Questions like “why do they have to get up so early in the morning and do fifty push-ups? Is it so necessary?”

I personally like these docu-realities and I would also like to take part in them, not to become an influencer but to try new experiences, face a challenge and put myself to the test. In my opinion, life in the past was freer, without the conditioning of today caused by social media and technology. I guess human contact was also more important. This kind of programme that puts us in a context of the past can help us make comparisons and trigger an awareness of what we have gained over time or rather what we are missing.

Do these docu-realities emphasise human contact, make people more aware or what?

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Panarello Michela



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