“`The Republic“`

_Racist episodes are increasing more and more._

…….. and the integrated Italian population suffers more and more.


It can be defined as the belief that certain observable differences between human groups (color of the skin, shape of the skull, etc.) correspond to an intellectual and moral superiority or inferiority.
On this purpose in these days, in Italy  a racist episode has occured.
In a school in Foligno, (Umbria)a teacher attacks a black child*
“Look how ugly this child is.” “Turn around, I don’t want to look at your  face” .
The protagonist is a black child who, in front of the rest of his class, was punished by the teacher with his face towards the window.
Look, doesn’t he seem ugly to you too?” So the teacher would have said according to some testimonies .
The teacher justified himself by talking about a “social experiment”_

He wanted to show the children the effects of discrimination and so in another class, he played the same nasty game to the sister of the African child who was punished before she too with her face to the wall, she too humiliated in front of everyone else.
There will be  a legal action but in the meanwhile the teacher is still in his place, teaching the children .
Such a thing should not even exist, there is no criterion for which black people should be discriminated against.
I believe that the racist question is really an inhuman thing, something really shocking. It’s a shame  to  discriminate people like us for the colour of their skin, for their ethnicity, religion or other. It can’be  considered a  social experiment and there isn’t any reason to humiliate children who are not responsible from any guilt.

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