I would like to talk to you about my favourite movie, Deadpool. 

This is the plot: Wade Wilson is a former Special Forces member turned mercenary. After an unauthorized experiment that gives him the power of fast healing, the man adopts his own alter ego Deadpool. Equipped with new skills and a macabre sense of humor, the anti-hero begins the manhunt that nearly destroyed his life.

Anna Leonowens, a recently widowed English teacher, arrives in Siam with her teenage son. In Bangkok she agreed to be tutor to King Mongkut’s 58 children, to his official wife, to the concubines. Anna knows very little about the Siamese ruler except that his people worship him as a god Roman general Massimo Decimo Meridio, commander of the Northern army, once again led his legionaries to victory, and now hopes to be able to return to his family. But the ruler Marcus Aurelius, now old and tired, asks him to take command of the empire. Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL , confirmed on his Twitter  profile that he was composing the soundtrack for the film

Filming began on March 23, 2015 in Vancouver  and ended on May 29 of the same year . I like the soundtrack of the film, composed by Junkie XL, but my favourite song is Deadpool rap, created by the youtubers YimHeadkick.

The film was released in 80 countries and earned 12 million dollars. Outside America and Canada the film had a major debut in the Uk, Ireland and Malta.

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