How many times we were fascinated by the dancers on TV, by all those extravagant choreographies or stage costumes? Dance is not just a sporting discipline, it is mainly an art form which is not often recognized as such.

Practised from the ancient times as form of entertainment, today, in addition to this, it is a means through which guys look for a refuge that the daily routine cannot give. Being a discipline considered frivolous, it is expected that is open only to girls, that it weakens the boys so it encourages them to homosexuality, especially the classic dance.

A film which fully encompasses this concept is “Billy Elliot”, based on the true story of the dancer Philip Mosley: the boy’s father did not want to get him to the world of dance, like also the big brother. If their thoughts had not changed, Billy could not have realized his dream of becoming a professional dancer. Other great dancers that we had the honour to know were Rudol’f Nureyev, Michail Baryšnikov, Vladimir Vasil’ev, our Italian Roberto Bolle, as well as the first dancer in the world to being part of two companies as Étoile at the same time.

Unfortunately, even today there is a misconception about dance and not everyone knows the benefits that it brings. At the top we find we find the education received: the dancing-masters, exactly like the teachers at school, teach the rules of behavior. Secondly, if we define dance as sport, let me remind you of the philosopher Giovenale’s motto: “mens sana in corpore sano”. This explains how a healthy body determines a healthy mind: everybody who practises sport acquires also benefits for the intellect.

Does someone really believe that all this weakens the boys? Why deprive them to attend a second school? Why deprive them of increasing their personal baggage?

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Sofia Mangiavillano


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