Covid19, also known Coronavirus or SARS-Cov-2: different names to describe and define such a terrible event that has affected the whole world and still continues to develop and evolve, impacting on our lives on several levels. 

The whole world has been going through periodical lockdown and quarantines now. I perfectly remember when the first news about the Covid spreading all over Italy from China came up and I surely remember that in only two months the hospitals were full of sick people with Covid. Checking out death-rate was our daily routine. Doctors were the heroes of modern days and in some cases, despite their constant fight, they could do nothing to save people’s lives. 

A year has already passed and the first day of this pandemic is still impressed in my memory and it will never probably fade out. 

Writing about this, looking back to what we had been through is hard. It is told that the part of society most affected by these circumstances is the one aged between 25 -30.

Nevertheless, I feel the urge to speak out my voice and say that we teenagers suffered a lot too. Adolescence is a difficult phase and it should be the time during which we are supposed to socialise and face life. Being forced to stay at home for months without any human contacts with our friends and without feeling the air of freedom has changed us forever.

Despite all the bad aspects, I truly believe that today we are making it together! We are beating this monster, we are fighting our battle, and I am convinced that we will win because losing it would mean losing everything and going back to the beginning. 

In unity we will find our strength to resist. Only if we are united, we will overcome one of the worst pages written in the history of humankind. 

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Gioele Giacoppo


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