Corn blocked in Ukraine

The war between Ukraine and Russia has caused global problems in the economic, political, social
but also food fields.
During these months Russia, in addition to conquering and destroying numerous cities, has blocked
several Ukrainian ports from which food was previously exported. Ukraine is one of the main wheat
producers in the world but, with the port of Odessa now blocked by the Russians, there is a risk of a
global food crisis due to a lack of exports.
Unfortunately, the war involved two of the most important countries for the production of wheat, in
fact Russia and Ukraine produce a third globally.

Due to this blockade, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky has asked other states to help
Ukraine to unblock seaports and avoid a global food crisis. He also blamed Russia by saying that,
to date, there are 22 million tons of grain blocked and the Russians are constantly stealing it and
taking it to their country.

For now, the countries most at risk of running out of food are Africa, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan,
which are already in a complicated food situation. In these countries, there have also been clashes
between demonstrators and law enforcement agencies that have caused some deaths due to the
discontent of the population.

The vice president of the European commission has made it known that the EU has opened new
means of transport to get to Ukrainian ports because the grain is there but does not arrive at the right
place. The European Union seems ready to make its ports on the Black Sea available to transport
Ukrainian wheat and maize to the rest of the world, avoiding a global crisis.

China intervened with a proposal to support private companies that cultivate and produce cereals to
alleviate the impact of the rising costs that are occurring.

India has announced the blocking of exports of wheat produced in its country in order to guarantee
internal food security and control inflation.

The situation remains very complicated …

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